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SOLO Aircraft Engine 2350 D


Description of construction
- In-line-two-cylinder-two-stroke engine
- Air-cooling
- mixture control via two diaphragm carburetors
- CDI ignition
- Propeller mounted on belt drive
- No engine starter
- Crank-case-pressure operated fuel pump

Download of technical drawing as pdf-file here.

Technical Data
Engine Displacement 430 ccm, cyl. bore 70 mm, stroke 56 mm
Compression rartio 12 : 1
Ignition unit Magneto SOLO, ignition coil DUCATI
Ignition plugs BOSCH W 5 AC or Champion L82 C, Gap 0,5 mm. Thread M 14X1,25 mm. In combination with sparkplug-cap (23 00 701, R=5kOhm)
Carburetor Solo, metering-device WALBRO
Fuel pump BING
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise, seen in direction of flight
Fuel 2-Stroke mix, AVGAS 100LL, premium gas (min. 95 ROZ)
Mixture Mixture ratio 1 : 40 , 2-stroke Castrol mineral oil or synthetic oil, or other oils with specification according to JASO FC oder FD
Dry Weight Approx. 23,5 kg, complete with muffler, without propeller
Belt drive Ratio 1 : 1,56


Operational data and limitations
Take-off-speed, power and Max. cont. speed, power 22 kW at 6,500 1/min.
Max. rpm 6,600 1/min.
Idle rpm Not available - no throttle control
Cylinder head temp. Max. 275°C (measured at spark plug)
Fuel consumption at cruise Approx 3.7 US gal./hr (14 l/hr.)